Some months ago, members of JCI Ibadan Elite found a government-owned primary school within our community which was in a deplorable state. Pupils were learning in an environment that was neither hygienic (human faeces littered on the floor of the school compound, insect-infested tables, and chairs, etc) nor safe for children (no good fence between the school and the main dual carriage road which was merely centimeters away). We had seen a need. We had to take a lead.

The state of the school before it was adopted by JCI Ibadan Elite

We immediately flung into action, meeting with stakeholders (school authorities, PTA body, Oyo state government, etc) and they all identified the same needs which we put on a scale of priority and charted the plan for our intervention. Our conclusion was to “Adopt-the-School”. We were also excited to realize that the project was in line with the 2019 vision of the JCI Senator Adetola Juyitan led JCI Nigeria for a Scholars Project.

The state of the school before it was adopted by JCI Ibadan Elite

After many months of planning and hard work, we eventually obtained formal approval from the Oyo State government agency in charge of primary schools (State Universal Basic Education Board – SUBEB) vide a letter dated 2nd of August, 2019.

On the 3rd of August, we gathered at the school premises in the company of the Headmaster, Teachers, the PTA Chairman, a team of bricklayers, carpenters, tilers, and painters, to begin what we passionately refer to as our Adopt a School Project.

On our arrival, we discovered that a part of the school had been broken into the day before. Security was certainly a priority.

We started on the 3rd of August by digging a foundation for laying a perimeter fence for the school, while also taking on the 7 blocks of classrooms, one after the other, to create a learning environment which is conducive enough to educate the people in whose hands the future of our dear Nigeria lie.