As part of our participation in the Lets Do It Campaign with JCI Nigeria and the World Clean Up annual exercise, JCI Ibadan Elite is collaborating with different organizations to sensitize people in our communities on the need for environmental cleanliness, how to maintain healthy communities, proper means of waste disposal in line with international standards and recycling of waste.

JCI Ibadan Elite Member on Splash FM

The first phase of the project started with online campaigns in July 2019, after which there was a radio program on Splash FM where we gathered industry practitioners and stakeholders including companies involved with different aspects of recycling, Non-Governmental Organizations promoting recycling, as well as the Oyo State Ministry of Environment. All parties assembled to discuss along the theme of turning waste to wealth and made recommendations to the government and other stakeholders.

The next phase of the project is an awareness rally scheduled to hold on the 14th of September along the Bashorun- Akobo road. This is in collaboration with the NYSC in Oyo state. The essence of this rally is to sensitize people in the community on waste sorting and proper waste disposal for the purpose of recycling.

JCI members at work

On the 21st of September, we would be unveiling the Clean Up project scheme in which our waste collection centers would be open to the public. JCI Ibadan Elite is collaborating with 4 secondary schools as collection points where people in the communities can submit their sorted waste into separate large tanks for paper waste and plastic waste. We are also collaborating with recycling plants in both paper waste and plastic waste industries who will collect the waste from the collection points and use them as raw materials. Remuneration will be offered to people in the communities who submit their waste

Members of JCI Ibadan Elite and their friends will also be cleaning up the Bashorun market community on September 21, 2019. This is in partnership with the Oyo State Ministry of Environment, Transformed Expressions (a non-governmental environmental advocacy organization).